Francesco Ridolfi: Fine Art Photo Series Titled ‘Room 322′

06 Ноя 2014 pini In Style

We want to share a guest post from Francesco Ridolfi, an Italian portrait photographer living between Italy and Belgium. Francesco just completed a new fine art photo series titled Room 322. Room 322 is a series of 12 images set in a bathroom of a hotel room, inside which various guests ‘take their turns’, each showing a little of their emotional history. Francisco also provided this when he described his latest work, “The airy luminosity of an ethereal space, aseptic and suspended, contrasts with the stolidity of these bodies – less than perfect in their awkward and authentic humanness. Statically present, the hotel room preserves its non-connection to sundry turn-taking occupants: its stillness heightens the tension they feel inside, which rips itself free of these contentless surroundings. Thus, from the bottom of a bathtub, contrasting perceptions emerge: appearance and reality, restlessness holding itself still, past within present; authenticity within fiction.” I’ve always been interested in portraiture as I really like to work with people, trying to express emotions and telling stories through a picture. Even if I am mainly a commercial and editorial photographer, I always try to keep time and resources for personal work. After my first fine art photo series, Chess Portraits, I would like to try myself in something different. Something more introspective and somehow story telling. Something that could suggest a story and be opened to the interpretation of the viewer. So I decided to set this new series in a bathroom of an hotel room. Maybe it sounds like a weird idea, but I find that it could be a perfect place to tell the stories of different people. Nowadays, it’s not so easy to carve out some spare time for ourselves, and the rite of the bath it’s probably one of the few spaces that remain and allow us to think and let emerge our emotions to the surface.. To realize the idea I had in mind, I needed to build the entire set from sketch. Otherwise I would not be able to define the architectural style of the bathroom at best, not to mention the lighting and framing problem I would have in the limited space of a real bathroom. I also have to say that I’ve always been fascinated in creating and studying the whole set, all down to the finest detail; it’s something that is strictly connect to my photography. That act of creation and maximum freedom it’s so relevant and satisfying for me. My photography style has been influenced by photographers such as Gregory Crewdson and Erwin Olaf, two of my favorite visual artists and authors of great compelling photo series. With “Room 322”, I also had the opportunity to make my first steps in the video direction. In fact I made a short video that is stricktly connect with the portrait of one of the characters. Challenging myself in this kind of production has been tough but really helpful and rewarding. Evolving as a visual artist, trying to push your boundaries always a step ahaed, is something I would suggest to anyone. It’s probably the only way to find and develop your real vision, putting yourself aside from your “comfort zone”. We also have a rare treat for our readers. Francesco not only shares his finished product with us, he shares his journey from pre-production video footage as well as behind the scenes, including a video footage of the shoot.

You can view the entire Room 322 photo series in high resolution here:
You can view all of Francesco Ridolfi’s other photos and photo series at his personal website:
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