3 Techniques for Retouching Skin
Portrait photographers strive to achieve beautiful skin in their images. Getting beautiful skin that is also realistic and preserves natural skin texture is a portrait photographer’s holy grail. Expertly applied makeup and good lighting are the foundation for beautiful skin, but retouching is the polish. In this tutorial, you’ll learn three great techniques for retouching skin in Adobe Photoshop, and will find out which situations benefit from each technique. Then you’ll learn two quick tips that you can apply with all three techniques to put a final polish on retouched skin. Because we’ll be comparing three techniques, the Photoshop instructions in this tutorial are brief. If you need help with using the Photoshop tools, have a look at our four-part series, The Secrets of Photoshop’s Retouching Tools. 1. Touch-Up Layer Technique In retouching, a simple process will often achieve what you need, and this holds true when retouching skin. Using a touch-up layer is a simple way to deal with blemishes, marks, and spots. It also works well to remove flakes of makeup, lint or dust, as well as tiny strands of hair or, indeed, any rogue hair popping out where it’s not wanted. I also use a touch-up layer to retouch […]
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